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2015 St. Patrick's Day Block Party Poster

2015 St. Patrick’s Day Block Party Poster

Featuring 7 bands, win $700 cash in Ticket Sarasota’s limerick contest, great beers and food, mega-raffle, facepainting, dancers

Wear your green! or get it here. Block Party gear and band merchandise available.

Pub opens at 9am, music starts inside at 2pm, alley stage at 4pm

Andrew Thomas
Wild Root Music
The Dram
The Bird Tribe
Hail Dale
Big Blu House
& The City of Sarasota Pipe Band

Braised and slow cooked corned beef dinners and a choice pub grub menu by:
Nancy’s Bar-B-Q

Wordsmiths can compete for a $700 Grand Prize in TicketSarasota.com’s annual Limerick Contest partnered with Baldwin Construction and Design

Great beer selection! Irish, craft and domestic beers including:
Lagunitas Brewing Co
Narragansett Beer
A special cask by Darwin Brewing Company with all proceeds to the youth shelter

Mega-Raffle! Great prizes at our mega raffle table. Stop and take a look. Lucky 7

Slainte to our Honorary Leprechauns!
First Federal Bank of Florida
Baldwin Construction and Design
Sarasota Young-Professionals

Benefits the Sarasota YMCA Youth Shelter

February is shaping up nicely. Check out the American Outlaws Community Calendar for soccer vents around the area and watch parties here at Shamrock on the 8th and 23rd!
Bird Tribe will be back to rock things on Saturday the 20th of this month.
We’re toying around with some karaoke ideas too. The calls don’t stop. Haha. You must really want it!!!
Be sure and like the Sarasota American Outlaws page on facebook and sign up for our bus trip to see Orlando City vs. NYCFC on March 8th!

American Outlaw Community Calendar

American Outlaw Community Calendar

In early January a group of local American soccer fans met at The Shamrock and established a board of directors for the American Outlaws: Sarasota chapter.
It was decided that the activities of this bunch will be headquartered and meeting at The Shamrock. We will be hosting watch parties for US Men’s and Women’s national teams, promoting the local pro teams(re: Rowdies, Orlando City) and organizing bus trips and friendlies.
You’ll see some redecorating going on to reflect this enthusiasm. Expect major games to trump any other sporting activities on the 70″ flat screen.
Stay tuned and join us for an exciting 2015 in local, NASL, MLS and US soccer!
Check our calendar for upcoming games, check https://www.facebook.com/SarasotaAmericanOutlaws for special events. We will have laptops at the events for enrolling and free kits to new members.

We are open at noon through the holidays. On Christmas doors open at 5pm with a firkin of Hairy Eyeball from Lagunitas Petaluma! Come join the neighborhood family Christmas night.

We are are grateful for everyone in the Shamrock community and wish you the very best holiday season and 2015.

Triple Santas


Everyone at The Shamrock

Hi Neighbors! We wish you all the best this holiday season. We’ll be having a couple get togethers and give-away

s as we approach Christmas that we thought you should know about…lagunitas-sucks
On Monday Dec. 15th Lagunitas Sucks quarts will be on special with a gift and Hot Box’d Steamed Cheeseburgers will makes it’s Shamrock debut. Wear that obnoxious holiday sweater – check details here https://www.facebook.com/events/941984402508316/
Then on Dec. 22nd Guinness will be engraving pint glasses just in time for Christmas and Polpo’s pizza will return to serve some of the best pizza in town – check details at -https://www.facebook.com/events/794816803886974/guinnessglassengraving We’ll also be tapping

a firkin of Hairy Eyeball Christmas night – stay tuned and be safe!!!

american outlawsWe’re hosting Sarasota’s MLS Cup Final viewing party at 3 p.m., this Sun. Dec. 7.

70 inch screen, full sound, craft beer specials and food truck.

Come early and sign up to become an official American Outlaw! The Sarasota chapter is now forming and we’re hosting a sign-up event before and after the game. First ten receive a $25 gift certificate for later use at the pub.

Annual membership is $25, which includes:

  • shirt and bandana
  • access to early tickets for U.S. Soccer games
  • invitations to local events at the Shamrock
  • and more!!

Come cheer on America’s elite and hang with locals supporting U.S. Soccer. Indoor smoke-free and outdoor smoking area too.

Join Sarasota’s only official US Soccer Bar!

UPDATE: The Maximus Firkin will be tapped on Thanksgiving Day at 5pm. This is due to late delivery. Enjoy your holiday and be safe!!

Spend time with your loved ones, hug it out over turkey and just before that political debate breaks out amongst the 3 generations, jam out to Shamrock…
-Wednesday at 3pm we tap a firkin of cask conditioned Maximus IPA from Lagunitas.
-Thursday we open at 5pm and we’ll have a special homecoming performance from Teach Me Equals at 9pm.
-Black Friday Guinness pints are bigger and better at Shamrock, take a break and stop in, open at noon.
-Saturday MLS playoffs at 3pm(NY v NE) then Bird Tribe rocks at 9pm
-Sunday MLS playoffs again at 9pm, open at noon. Grab auntie Helen and stuff an IPA down her guzzle. It will be special.

bubbles in dirty glass of craft beer

A nasty, dirty glass — NOT one of ours.

After a long day, you’re finally sitting down with a frosty brew. You’re ready to take that satisfying first gulp.

Stop. Take a careful look at your beer. See any bubbles sticking to the sides? How about the head, is it dissipating or disappearing completely?

While it may be fun to look for shapes in the foam or bubbles in your pint glass, those are indicators you’ve been given a dirty glass, one lined with a thin film of soap (gross!) or food (double gross!). A tainted glass ruins the intended flavor of a fine beer — brewers make every effort to keep their operations completely sanitized to preserve their intended flavors. Why should cleanliness stop at the brewery?

Here at the ‘Rock we always practice proper sanitizing protocol with our glassware. This begins with cleaning our keg lines every two weeks in addition to replacing them annually to ensure cleanliness from the keg to the glass. Our glasses are then hand cleaned and polished before they’re ready deliver your beer.


So how can you tell whether your glass is really clean? Look to the beer: a clean glass will support a thick head of foam, as the brewers intended, capturing the aroma of your brew. Foreign substances found on a dirty glass will disrupt the chemical balance of the foam and destroy it, turning that foamy head into a few straggling clusters with less aroma. Clean glasses will also look clean even when filled with beer, whereas a dirty glass will display bubbles of carbonation sticking to those nasty bits on the sides. Clean glasses will also distribute foam and bubbles in an even lacey pattern with each sip of beer. Bizarro patterns mean that, yep, you got a dirty glass.

While our floors may show the years, our glasses are always shiny in service of our carefully selected craft beers. You wouldn’t eat a five star meal off a dirty plate, would you?

Official US Soccer Bar LogoOnly three weeks until (American) football season, everyone — we’ve got to get to as much soccer in as we can! If you’re still basking in the World Cup afterglow like we are, come watch any and all of the upcoming futbol matches at downtown’s neighborhood pub!

We’re playing all the games (US and international, men and women) on our new 70″ big screen, and as y’all know, the Shamrock is the only Official US Soccer Bar in Sarasota and Bradenton. What.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming games. If your team or league is not included here, just post or comment below and we’ll find you a schedule. We can tune into (almost) anything, so seriously, let us know. Downtown’s neighborhood pub is the place to catch some real futbol, all year, and enjoy one of the best craft beer selections in Sarasota. See you soon.

We don’t have to remind you it’s hot. You know that. We will remind you, however, that we’ve got some special seasonal beers on tap for summer and, in even better news, we’re open at noon from now on!

Like Kalamazoo-based Bell’s Brewery? Now in the pub is their Amber Ale and their Oarsman Ale. Both are light, easy-drinking beers for summer, and with a lower ABV (5.8% and 4%, respectively), you can have several on a hot summer afternoon and stay cool. Their subtle, palate-cleansing tartness pairs great with food, too — including barbecue! We also carry traditional flavored syrups to accompany our entire selection of Berliner Weiss beers.

Lastly, we have one keg of Bell’s Kalamazoo Hopsoulution Ale, a double IPA special release. Hopsolution is one and done here at the ‘Rock, so if you want some you better hurry.

Once again, we’re open at noon everyday for day drinkers who want the best. We’ll also give you $2 ‘Gansett drafts from noon to 3pm during the month of August, just tell us you saw this post.

Thanks for making us downtown’s “king of craft beers!”