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In early January a group of local American soccer fans met at The Shamrock and established a board of directors for the American Outlaws: Sarasota chapter.
It was decided that the activities of this bunch will be headquartered and meeting at The Shamrock. We will be hosting watch parties for US Men’s and Women’s national teams, promoting the local pro teams(re: Rowdies, Orlando City) and organizing bus trips and friendlies.
You’ll see some redecorating going on to reflect this enthusiasm. Expect major games to trump any other sporting activities on the 70″ flat screen.
Stay tuned and join us for an exciting 2015 in local, NASL, MLS and US soccer!
Check our calendar for upcoming games, check https://www.facebook.com/SarasotaAmericanOutlaws for special events. We will have laptops at the events for enrolling and free kits to new members.