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We welcome back the 5th Annual Summer Chef Jam. This evolutionary event started out with some very talented local chefs rocking our charcoal grill on the patio. As interest and fun grew it turned into an ongoing series pairing the chef’s tasty grilled treats with Florida beers.

As it turned out, we should never have had that grill. We’re a beer and wine pub after all, without a kitchen. As our local health authorities advised, we removed the grill. So we had a funeral, dumped 32’s(Florida’s version of a 40) on it and gave our respects to the many good times.

In the face of adversity you reinvent. Now, welcome Chefs2u Food Truck with full licensed facilities for Sarasota’s favorite chefs to come prepare their summer small plates paired with locally brewed beers.

Come join the local crowd on Monday nights 7pm through August 31st. Get menus and chef information on our facebook event page